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What are Roller Shutters and why do we use them?

An Industrial Roller Shutter Installation

Roller shutters are usually made up of horizontal slats that are hinged together; although these slats may sometimes be replaced by web systems or bars.

Often referred to as roller doors or sectional overhead doors, roller shutters can be an efficient way of protecting both residential and business properties from burglary and vandalism.

Roller shutters can be used in a variety of applications including garages, vans, warehouses, schools and prisons. In addition, roller shutters can also be used to protect windows and doors from damage due to bad weather conditions, and also offer heat insulation.

There are a number of different types of roller shutters available:

  • Industrial roller shutters have an attractive, gloss finish and are ideal for shopping centres and industrial buildings as their premium quality design provides a professional image. Most often used to prevent unauthorised access or vandalism, industrial roller shutters are often fitted with additional locking bolts and security systems to maintain high levels of protection.
  • Security roller shutters are made from either steel or aluminium, and they offer superior protection against burglaries and vandalism. They make is far more difficult for an intruder to gain access, and are therefore ideal for storage facilities and warehouses. They can be motorised in order to make rolling them up and down much simpler.
  • Commercial roller shutters are usually made from galvanised steel and are best suited to shop fronts and warehouses. They are both rust, and weather proof.
  • Fire rated roller shutters are heat and flame resistant, and protect both the inside and outside of an opening from combustible and flammable materials. They are the ideal choice for both industrial and retail properties that require a temperature rise rating.
  • Insulated roller shutters offer protection against the elements and energy conservation. In addition, they also protect against high noise levels, and can be used in a variety of industrial settings including spray paint booths, garages, factories and warehouses.