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Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are perfect for both commercial and private properties where security is needed. Quay Facilities are dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers, we have installed roller shutters in a variety of different environments. Typically roller shutters are made from galvanised steel, making them incredibly secure and durable. This is just one of the benefits of having roller shutters installed, see below for more!


Roller shutters give you complete freedom to conveniently control how much light is entering your property. A reduction in direct sunlight entering your property can help prevent damage to indoor furnishings, household items and most importantly it can reduce the strain on your eyes. With less direct sunlight shining on them, furniture and carpets for example can retain their colour for a much longer period of time.

Noises from the outside world at the wrong time can cause great frustration and annoyance to those inside. Roller shutters can help to reduce noise levels allowing a calming quiet atmosphere to return to the property.

Roller shutters can help to insulate one of the most vulnerable areas of the property to energy loss; the windows. Long term, significant savings can be made on heating and air conditioning costs as the shutters can help to regulate the temperature of your property.

Windows can remain cleaner for longer with roller shutters installed, as they shield the glass from dust, dirt and moisture. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintaining your windows as most issues are caused by dust and dirt.

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Roller shutters are designed with specific mechanisms built into them to allow you to have complete control over raising and lowering them. These can vary from a simple pull-strap system, to a more complex timer system that can allow your shutters to be raised or lowered at specific times. Also, some manufactures can supply a wind speed system which can lower your shutters at times when the wind speed is over a specific limit.

Roller shutters give your property another level of security, as they are incredibly secure due to the way in which they are installed. Each shutter is measured and fitted to each specific window, meaning they are almost impossible to remove without the correct tools and access to the inside of your property. Not only are they are physical deterrent to any potential intruders, they also act as a brilliant visual deterrent.

Having roller shutters installed doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the appearance of your property. Wooden shutters can be styled with an oak, cherry or mahogany finish. You can also request that your shutters be perforated; this allows security without completely shutting off a view into the interior of your property, which can be particularly beneficial for shopping malls or high street shops.

Bad weather can often lead to broken windows or worse. Roller shutters can be closed to protect your windows from any debris that may be flying around in strong winds or storms. They also can help deflect embers in the event of bushfire, blocking them before they can damage your property.

Fire rated doors are usually required by law in some industries such as hospitals or schools. Certain roller shutters can be designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C, and this can help to prevent a fire from spreading too quickly within a property – allowing people more time to escape. This gives great peace of mind to those in the building and may also reduce your insurance premium.

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