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How to secure your garage

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With theft and burglary being common occurrences across the world, and given that garages are one of the prime point of entries during burglaries, those that own home garages are especially vulnerable to losing personal possessions to theft. In the UK alone, a burglary occurs almost every minute – but fear not, our team of experts have put together some garage security tips to keep your car and your most prized possessions safe at all times. Follow these tips to help ensure your garage stays theft-proof.

Lock your garage door

If you have to manually open and close your garage door, it goes without saying that keeping it closed at all times is not enough – if you garage is not in use, it should be locked at all times - even if you are quickly going into the house for a glass of water. Keep it locked, the same applies for your service door if you have one. Leaving your garage doors open unnecessarily is an open invitation for anyone to enter your home. And at the very least, you’re allowing anyone passing by on the street to easily view the contents of your garage.


Install motion-detecting lights

Lights are always effective deterrents when it comes to keeping away thieves in the night – which is why a house with poor or no lighting is usually more appealing for them. You should make sure the lighting is strategically placed around your garage and home perimeter so a burglar can’t deactivate it, and keep the lights high enough so that they are unreachable from the ground.


Cover any garage windows

Keeping your garage secure is all about making sure any potential thief’s job as difficult as possible. Between the garage door windows, side windows, and the exterior garage service door window, thieves could have any number of ways to get a good look inside your garage, so if your garage doors have windows try to cover them. You may choose to do this by either placing items and furniture in front so as to block any visibility into the inside of the garage, or by installing blinds or curtains specifically meant for garages.


Install a secure garage roller shutter

It goes without saying that perhaps one of the biggest factors that constitute to the safety of your garage is the actual door of the garage itself, and how tough and secure it is – and to achieve this, we highly recommend choosing a garage roller shutter as the option for your garage door.


At Quay Facilities we tailor garage roller shutters to your needs, whilst making sure that you don’t comprise on safety and security at all times. One of the main uses and benefits of installing garage roller shutters doors is that, as opposed to the standard up and over doors, which are locked from the bottom or the top only, roller doors fit within a track which means that they are secure around all of the sides, making forced entry extremely difficult indeed.

The best garage roller shutters on the market

Our team of experts have experience in maintaining and servicing garage roller shutters as well as repairing and installing them. We can extend the lifespan of your garage roller shutters and fix any potential issues to ensure that they provide your premises with optimum protection at all times. Contact us today on 0208 2266 247 to learn more about the tailored garage roller shutters available in our range, as well as our repairs and maintenance services.