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How to Keep your Roller Shutters Maintained

roller shutter maintenance

Roller shutters are a great investment when it comes to securing your property. But you need to be mindful that they require an appropriate level of maintenance to ensure they continue to perform at an optimum level. In this blog, we look at how and why you should keep your roller shutters maintained.

Professional Maintenance

It’s absolutely crucial that if your roller shutters need maintaining, you call in qualified and experienced professionals to do the job safely and securely.

It can be easy to think that you can take care of any issues and save yourself time and money – however, roller shutters are complicated machines with a number of dangerous latches and catches that could cause injury or worse when in unqualified hands.

In order to solve this issue, you can book in Quay Facilities to deliver thorough and professional roller shutter maintenance and repair – giving you peace of mind about the condition and performance of your shutters.

Security Measures

If your roller shutters are subject to damage from human interactions – from simple wear and tear to active property damage – it could weaken their ability to secure your premises.

With regular maintenance, you can ensure that your roller shutters are in optimal condition. They can remain rust-free and fault-free, meaning even less of a chance of them breaking down.

And, if your roller shutters are subject to active property damage, Quay Facilities operate a 24 hour emergency call out service to ensure your premises is secured as quickly as possible.

Careful Use

The easiest way to ensure your roller shutters don’t break and to avoid costly maintenance calls is to simply treat the shutters with care and respect.

Make sure that all of your staff are aware of this and are trained in roller shutter protocol. For automatic roller shutters, don’t try and force the mechanism to close quicker than it is.

And if it’s a manually operated roller shutter, ensure it’s lowered slowly and carefully, as well as being lifted up the same manner; this will go a long way to ensuring that wear-and-tear is kept to a minimum.

Choose Quay Facilities for your Roller Shutters

Our team are fully qualified and experienced in all manner of roller shutter maintenance and repair. We are here to ensure that your property is fully secure, thanks to a fully operational roller shutter – and we’re here to ensure your property is secured as quickly as possible in the unfortunate event of a break in or accidental damage. Give the Quay Facilities team a call today on 0208 2266 247 to talk to us about your roller shutters.