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How roller shutters can help you amp up your green credentials and save money!

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With the cost of energy on the rise coupled with an increased mindfulness about energy consumption, it has never been more important to curtail your energy consumption.

From draughty windows and doors to using excess energy, both homes and businesses can take action with an energy audit on their property to take the necessary steps to fight back against wasteful energy consumption.

An energy audit proactively identifies key areas within your property that are wasting energy and are losing heat. Doors and windows are the key culprits for energy loss but the good news is that this is easily remedied. 

Utilising roller shutters has proved to be very successful at reducing draughts as well as retaining heat and energy in the property.  They can prove to be highly effective both for shop fronts and salons, but also for larger industrial buildings such as warehouses, loading bays and factories too.  Insulated roller shutters can also assist with the reduction of noise reduction too. Whether you are looking to reduce external noise from the outside world or are trying to minimise your own noise levels, roller shutters can certainly help with this mission.

In the summer, roller shutters will help prevent the sun from entering your premises and in winter, it will add an additional layer of insulation (therefore providing a protective barrier against the elements outside) 

We have all seen the devastating impact that extreme weather such as storms and high winds can have on people’s homes and businesses, the implementation of roller shutters is a highly effective way to any concerning weather conditions. Roller shutters help protect your windows and doors and provides an extra layer of protection between you and the weather.

In the long term, you can make significant savings in your energy and air conditioning costs as roller shutters can help regulate the temperature of your property. If you work in certain industries, such as food production, ensuring a consistent temperature is essential. You might also be mindful by maintaining desirable temperatures for worker comfort – employees work more effectively in a comfortable environment and extremities in temperature can have an impact on their well-being and therefore their productivity.

So, if you been contemplating having roller shutters installed at your business premises, there has never been a better time to do this and not only will it save you money in the long run but it will also demonstrate to your customers that you are environmentally conscious and will help amp up your ‘green credentials’ too!

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