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Ensuring the Safety of your Automatic Gate


While you may not necessarily consider safety to be the absolute priority when it comes to operating a gate, it’s important to understand that the modern-day gate, particularly in commercial settings, is far more dangerous than one would expect. If not installed properly, and thoroughly verified as compliant with health and safety standards, you and your staff could be putting yourselves in unnecessary danger.

Automatic gates are much more than a simple security measure, like your typical garden gate. They contain a huge range of components that aid in the gate’s automatic processes, such as switches, sensors, safety devices, motors and controllers. These components give automatic gates significant weight, which needs to be thoroughly accounted for during installation and operation.

Read on to find out more about how to safeguard your business and your staff against potential gate-related injuries.

Risk Assessment

Despite the use of standardised components in motorised gates, each gate is installed in a different location and therefore experiences varying external factors. This means that every gate needs to be risk assessed in a unique manner that best identifies its particular risks.

Many organisations offer their own risk assessment training to ensure that this process is completed thoroughly and confidently – and within the UK’s power gate community, Gate Safe and the Door and Hardware Foundation both offer specific awareness and competence training for powered gates.

Due to the nature of the individual gate components, you may need specialists to test some functions, such as an electrician testing the gate’s motors.


There are various Ofqual verified courses that one can take when working in the powered gate industry, depending on your responsibilities and position within the company.

As mentioned previously, the Door and Hardware Foundation (dhf) offer gate safety courses.

These range from the Level 2 Award in Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier Safety, recommended for maintenance and installation engineers, to the Level 4 Award in Industrial & Garage Door and Automated Gate & Barrier Legislation, for managers and those with legal responsibility with regards to their staff.

By completing one of these courses or a similar one elsewhere, you can ensure that you know everything that someone in your position needs to know about automatic gate health and safety.

Maintenance and Repair

A key part of ensuring the safety of your staff and the smooth operation of your automatic gate is booking your gate in for regular servicing and maintenance. That way you can stay on top of any wear and tear, while also identifying any serious issues before they can escalate any further.

If your staff have been enrolled in the Level 2 award, they’ll be armed with the skills and knowledge to do this themselves. If not, be sure to book in a licensed and registered engineer.

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