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We’re open for business under COVID-19 guidelines

Roller shutter installation in London and Kent

Operating under COVID-19 guidelines, we continue to offer reliable roller shutter repair and installation services across Kent and South East London.

Keeping your premises safe during lockdown

We are able to safely operate during lockdown, offering both roller shutter maintenance and installation, as well as 24-hour emergency repair. If your premises are currently unoccupied, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your roller shutter is keeping them secure and protected. If your roller shutter has become damaged or is due its regular maintenance, we can help.

How we’re staying safe

We can confirm that we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. When we carry out work at your premises, we will make sure that we are taking the correct precautions at all times – wearing face coverings, using hand sanitiser, and following social distancing rules. We please ask that you wear a face covering when interacting with our staff and maintain proper social distancing.   

Considering a roller shutter?

If you don’t already have a roller shutter fitted at your premises, there are many great reasons to consider getting one. Roller shutters are typically made from galvanised steel, meaning they are incredibly strong and durable. This offers increased security by creating not only a physical deterrent to potential intruders, but a great visual deterrent as well. Measured and fitted to each window, they are almost impossible to remove without the correct tools and access to the inside of your property.

Roller shutters offer improved protection against bad weather, while also shielding glass from dust, dirt and moisture. As well as being practical for these (and so many other) reasons, roller shutters can be designed to complement the appearance of your property. If you were put off by the idea of bulky, unattractive roller shutters, rest assured that there are plenty of attractive options to choose from. Wooden shutters can be styled with an oak, cherry or mahogany finish. Shutters can also be perforated, offering the same level of security without completely blocking the view to the interior of your property.

Get in touch

If you’re considering having a roller shutter installed on your property, or your existing roller shutter is in need of maintenance or repair, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0208 2266 247.