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Automatic Roller Garage Doors London

Automatic roller garage doors; they’re becoming increasingly popular with commercial and residential property owners in London looking for additional security when it comes to storage.

Thanks to advances in technology, automatic roller garage doors can be installed without taking up valuable space, and they offer a smooth, minimal maintenance operation.

On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about automatic roller garage doors for your London home or business, including:

  • The benefits of automatic roller garage doors
  • Installation considerations
  • How much automatic roller garage doors cost in London
  • Maintaining your automatic roller garage doors
  • Why you should choose Quay Facilities?


What are the benefits of automatic roller garage doors in London?

There are lots of benefits to investing in automatic roller garage doors for your London property. These include:

1.They’re safer to operate than manual garage doors

Operation is automatic rather than manual, which means there’s less risk of injuring yourself upon opening and closing the garage door – especially as you’ll be opening it from a distance.

2.They’re smart and impressive in appearance

London automatic roller garage doors can be spray coated to a colour of your preference.  And thanks to their aluminium structure, they're strong and durable in stature.

3.They offer increased security

Automatic roller garage doors are more secure than traditional garage doors, which is important for London properties. The intricate opening mechanism makes it harder for people to break in.

4.They’re fully customisable

With custom options available for automatic roller garage doors, London property owners can adjust opening and closing speeds and choose the colour of their garage door

5.They’re convenient

With their remote operation, London automatic roller garage door owners can open up their garage door from a distance – and you can open and close them without getting out of your car!


Key installation information for London automatic roller garage doors

If you’re looking to install automatic roller garage doors at your property, make sure you use an accredited contractor who’ll ensure the job is completed in line with health and safety regulations.

This is because you shouldn’t compromise on the installation of your automatic roller garage doors, especially if you’re installing them at a commercial property in London.

Why? Your Employer's Liability Insurance may not be valid if the insurance company can prove that you haven't had your garage doors installed properly. And you need to meet the regulations that we cover in the next section. 

If you’re fitting automatic roller garage doors at your residential property in London, you should still ensure that your doors are installed by a professional.

With complex mechanisms to get right, it’s not worth compromising on the health and safety of your household, or the state of your vehicle if the mechanism breaks.

Trusted by the likes of Lidl, Dunelm, and the British Heart Foundation, Quay Facilities team are experts in large and small scale automatic roller garage door installations.

If you’re looking into swapping your original garage doors for automatic roller garage doors, discuss your requirements with the Quay Facilities team on 02082 266247.

How much do automatic roller garage doors cost?

The cost of automatic roller garage doors depends on the size and material you choose. Standard automatic aluminium residential roller garage doors can cost in the region of £600 to £1,000, while a double door can cost up to £1,600.

Then you may want to think about the cost of customising and installing your garage doors. To install automatic roller garage doors in London can cost around £300 to £500, but that price range depends heavily on the specifications of the installation.

It’s always best to contact an automatic roller garage door installer directly for quotes. Quay Facilities prides itself on its fair prices, and you’ll never discover any hidden costs. So if you’re looking for automatic garage roller shutters in London, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02082 266247!

Maintaining automatic roller garage doors

It’s very important that you maintain your automatic roller garage doors, especially if you’re a business owner. This is because there are three Workplace Regulations that you need to meet, and these can only be met with regular maintenance. These regulations are:

If you’ve taken out public and employers liability insurance on your automatic roller garage doors, you’ll need to keep them maintained so you’re legible to claim if someone has an accident.

Quay Facilities can provide on-going maintenance to ensure all of the automatic roller garage doors that we install in London meet the requirements of the above regulations. As part of our maintenance contract, our clients also have access to 24 hour emergency garage door repairs.

Choose Quay Facilities for your London automatic roller garage doors

Quay Facilities is a trusted supplier and installer of automatic roller garage doors in London and the surrounding area. Whether you require a single roller garage door, a double roller garage door, or one that’s custom-size, you can rely on the Quay Facilities expertise.

In addition to installation, we also offer maintenance contracts and emergency repairs, so no matter whether you own a home or a business, Quay Facilities is your one-stop-shop for all automatic roller garage door requirements in London.  Get in touch with us today!

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