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Why Are Garage Roller Shutters Better Than Standard Doors

Why Are Garage Roller Shutters Better Than Standard Doors

In the past, house owners were reluctant to install garage roller shutter doors as they were less attractive than traditional doors. However, these doors have gained popularity recently as they offer a range of advantages, often making them a better choice than standard doors.

Over the years, their appearance has improved, with modern rolling doors available in a range of attractive finishes, meaning homes can now benefit from additional security and insulation whilst still retaining an appealing aesthetic at the front of their garage.

At Quay Facilities, we are roller shutter specialists, providing a variety of services across London, Kent and the South. We believe in the advantages of roller shutters, and in this blog, we take the time to share why.


These shutters consist of horizontal slats or panels that are hinged together and roll up vertically into a coil when opened. The coil is typically stored in a casing above the opening, maximising the available space.

The operation of garage roller shutters involves a system of guides, rollers, and a mechanism that allows the door to be easily opened and closed. These doors are often made of materials such as aluminium or steel, providing durability and security for the building.

The materials and their mechanics make them very beneficial for residential properties.



Garage roller shutters provide a high level of security for any property, whether used in a garage holding family bikes and equipment or as a workshop for your DIY projects or crafts.

Steel or aluminium doors are strong, but lightweight, and are available in both manual and motorised varieties. Shutter doors protect your property from theft and vandalism, and some are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) as they meet security and fire protection standards based on quality audits and regular testing.


Fire-rated doors offer protection for those in the building and any belongings or shop products. Required by regulation in some industries, fire-rated shutters prevent fires from spreading by creating secure compartments within buildings. Fire shutter doors can be used internally or externally and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200° C. They are usually controlled from a central point as they are linked to a fire alarm system.

When installing a fire-rated garage roller shutter door, you can rest assured that your garage is safe should there be a fire.


While in the past their appearance was off-putting, today's rolling shutters are available in stunning wood effects; including cherry, oak and mahogany. Having these options allows the roller shutters to blend in with the rest of the building they are installed on, adding to the aesthetic rather than taking it away.

These options allow choice and look less industrial, allowing them to look in place, and contribute to a stunning front of house rather than detracting from it.


When roller shutters are installed they come with a guide track, rollers and mechanism that manoeuvre the door. This system makes the opening and closing the shutter doors easy and hassle-free.

Like any system, it is recommended that regular maintenance is completed on each of these components to ensure they function properly and any damage is spotted and repaired before it becomes a problem. This will keep the roller shutter doors easy to use.


Garage roller shutters are filled with insulating materials and prevent heat loss; which is invaluable if you use your garage as a workshop and spend the day or evening in the area. This extra insulation creates a sound barrier, controls draughts and reduces the cost of heating bills.

Additionally, polycarbonate shutters let in more than 80 per cent of natural light, meaning you can rely on more natural light within a space and reduce the use of artificial light. This will also contribute to lowering energy bills and can also help create a happier workforce, as natural light improves mood.


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