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Signs your roller shutters need repairs

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UK Businesses usually rely on a central hub where the vast majority of their operations take place - so functionality and security are key when it comes to protecting these premises.

Industrial roller shutters are designed to provide security to the entrances of your business premises, protecting your stock and other important pieces of equipment. Whatever type of roller shutters you have, we've created a list of things to bear in mind when checking them over to ensure they remain in an operational condition for longer.

Structure and materials check

In most cases, industrial shutters are made from either steel or uPVC, but some older style shutters are wooden - and therefore more vulnerable to rot and decay. For metal doors, it is always best to oil them regularly to ensure a smooth action and prevent seizing, something that can become particularly common in the winter months. Robust doors are essential in keeping intruders out, particularly overnight when the premises are empty.

Manual or automatic?

If your premises have automatic roller shutters, it's likely you'll need to ensure you have a back up remote lock to ensure you can still operate your shutters if your main remote fails. You'll also need to complete regular electronic safety tests in the interests of protecting your employees. If your doors are spring-loaded, you will need to be especially careful - if one of the springs in the pair fails, then the spring tension will be lost and the door will not hold steady when lifted.

Are there any strange noises?

If your shutters are making any noises when opening or closing, such as squeaking or clicking, it's important to get them checked as soon as possible. This is especially true of automatic shutters as they will make noise when not operating correctly. You should address these issues right away to prevent the door system failing completely and leaving your premises vulnerable.

Is there any damage?

Industrial roller shutters are designed to be durable and resistant to heavy impacts. However, any damage sustained by your roller shutters should be repaired immediately. The repair costs will far outweigh the price of having to replace stolen goods or repair vandal damage if your premises are broken into.

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