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Roller Shutters: Night-time economy security tips

An interior shot of a night club

The peak time for violent offending has been found, in multiple studies, to be during the night at weekends; in and around clubs and pubs.

Offenders are most often males under the age of thirty, and violence usually occurs between strangers.

Although not all crime that takes place at night (between the hours of 6pm and 6am) is alcohol related it is a major contributing factor; the Crime Survey for England and Wales of 2011/12 documented 917,000 violent incidents where the victim believed that the offender(s) were under the influence of alcohol. This accounts for 47% of violent offences committed that year. 

People who binge drink are more likely to be involved in crime that takes place during the night time hours.

A 2003 study found that binge drinkers were five times more likely to have been involved in a group fight than those who drink in moderation. The risk of injury and of being involved in assaults rises considerably if more than 8 to 10 units of alcohol are consumed in one session. 

However, not all crime committed at night is solely down to excessive alcohol consumption. The majority of complaints about noise occur solely due to the trading times of the businesses involved. In addition, the socio-economic characteristics of the area are a major contributing factor. 

Some reductions in night time crime have been reported in areas that contain a mix of both pubs, clubs and restaurants; a focus on food rather than drinking can introduce a different group of people to the area, resulting in a reduction in crime levels.

Environmental factors also play an important role; violent crime is more likely to take place when a large number of people are crowded into a small area, such as a take-away or in the entrance to a building. By avoiding this scenario the chances of an incident taking place are minimised.