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Retail Vandalism: The trends across Britain

A black wall covered in graffiti

Criminologists were confounded when the Office for National Statistics released its crime summary in 2013.

They believed that there was a positive relationship between property crime and economic recession; however, these figures actually showed a downward trend in crime from the 1990s onwards.

In addition, the looting and riots that took place at the beginning of the recession in 2011 were not repeated even though the country experienced a double-dip recession in 2012. These two factors, combined with the downsizing of UK police forces, led to a number of interesting questions, and a number of different explanations.

The retail and wholesale sectors suffered the most crime; however, crime against this sector has fallen considerably in the last decade.

It has been suggested that young people today (the group most likely to offend) are less likely to take drugs and to consume excess alcohol. They are also less likely to become bored with the introduction of the smartphone which has given young people instant access to social media, music and games.  

Although teenagers and young adults are now less likely to commit acts of burglary and vandalism, it seems apparent that security measures taken by business owners have resulted in fewer incidents of vandalism and theft to retail and wholesale properties.

Galvanised steel shutters; which protect the doors and windows of business premises, have become far more prevalent throughout Britain.

The widespread introduction of rolling security shutters has removed the opportunity for acts of vandalism; continued vigilance in this area should ensure that the downward trend in crime against retail and wholesale premises continues.