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How Reliable Are Roller Garage Doors?

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Roller garage doors are a modern, space-saving alternative to traditional outward-opening garage doors and leveraged doors. Although respected for their sheer convenience, there has been some debate over the years as to whether they function reliably.

At Quay Facilities, we’re here to put these concerns to rest once and for all. We’re big believers in the convenience of roller garage doors, and want everyone to be able to benefit from their effective design. Read on for an overview of roller garage doors, their functionality, and how reliable they really are.

What Are Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors open vertically. They are made from steel or aluminium slats which form a coiled roll when the door is opened. The doors can be opened either manually or electronically with a remote control.

What Are the Benefits of Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors come with several benefits, with the main being:

Space-Saving Design

Traditional leveraged doors run along tracks on the ceiling of the garage, taking up valuable headroom. Roller garage doors don’t take up headroom and leave more space for tall vehicles.

Outward-opening garage doors prevent you from being able to park up close to your garage on your drive. By contrast, roller garage doors allow you to make full use of your driveway.

Good Security

Thanks to their robust metal design, roller garage doors offer unparalelled levels of security.


Roller garage doors can be versatilely fitted in order to work with the structure of your garage. They can be fitted on the inside, outside, or in between your garage opening.

Excellent Insulation

Roller garage doors offer fantastic insulation when fitted properly, protecting the contents of the garage from the elements and offering a protected space to work.

How Reliable Are Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors received a bad rap in the past due to outdated designs, but modern design innovations have meant that new doors are extremely unlikely to fail or jam.

Why Did People Doubt Roller Garage Doors’ Reliability?

In the past, roller garage doors could be very heavy. This made them difficult to open and hard to manage if they got stuck or jammed.

They also weren’t always well maintained, which could lead to problems with opening the door.

Problems with roller garage doors generally stemmed from damage, poor workmanship, or not keeping up with maintenance.

How Have Roller Garage Doors Improved?

Advances in roller garage door technology have led to far more reliable garage doors. Nowadays, the tracks and rollers are more robust, creating a reliably smooth opening mechanism. The doors are designed to be more lightweight and lift up easily.

Electronic lifting mechanisms also help with the ease of using a roller garage door, making it possible to open the door from a distance with no physical effort required.

What Are the Best Roller Garage Doors?

Roller garage doors are available in steel or aluminium. These have different properties depending on what you’re looking for:

Aluminium Roller Garage Doors

Aluminium roller doors are made up of slats that fit together. These can be insulated and are a good option for keeping the heat in. Because these doors are made from individual slats, they can roll up tightly offering maximum headroom within the garage.

Steel Roller Garage Doors

Steel roller doors are heavy duty. They are particularly robust and strong, making them a good choice for security. Typically, steel roller doors are made from a single layer which is not insulated.

Update Your Garage with Roller Doors

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