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Do you need electric or manual roller shutters?

Roller shutter services

Although roller shutters are incredibly versatile, there is always a debate over which is more suitable for a business - electric or manual.

With this article, we hope to shed some light on which type of shutter is more appropriate for you.

Roller shutters are usually made from steel and can be used for a range of purposes. They are primarily used to protect and secure premises when unoccupied and they can be added to doors, windows, loading bays and any other forms of entrance way within commercial, industrial or retail premises.

Up to a certain height and width, you'll be able to choose between manually operated shutters or electric roller shutters (after a certain size and weight, the shutters will require electric operation) - but which type should you choose?

Manual Shutters

This type of shutter is ideal if you are looking to bring additional security to your premises at an affordable price. Manual shutters are ideal for smaller openings like windows and doors as they offer good levels of protection without little fear of mechanical breakdown.

In most cases, manual shutters are opened and closed using a series of cranks and winders. Therefore the larger the shutter, the more physical a task it is to shut them - this means premises with only one person operating them is very impractical and an electric shutter may be more appropriate.

Electric Shutters

These shutters take all the benefits given by a manual shutter and make things easier. When you have electric shutters installed, potentially across several windows or doors, you can save time and effort by pressing a single button to open or close all the shutters at one time. Some can even be scheduled to open and close at a specific time thanks to the latest technology.

This type of shutter is more appropriate in heavy duty warehouses or industrial environments when entrances are larger and more difficult to secure. They are usually powered by a small electric motor that is connected to an electricity supply - this can usually be either mains fed or battery powered. In recent times, there has also been an increase in the number of solar-operated electric shutters being used.

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