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A guide to roller shutters and commercial building insurance

Roller shutters on a commercial building in London

It’s crucial for all businesses to have the right insurance in place. In order to comply with commercial building insurance, it’s important to demonstrate to insurers that your property is covered against vandalism, break-ins and theft. 

By installing roller shutters and improving your security measures you can not only make sure that your business is complying with the conditions set out by your insurance provider, but you may be able to reduce the cost of your policy as well. 

Insurance approved roller shutters

The LPCB Loss Prevention Certification Board is an independent third-party service provided by the Building Research Establishment (BRE). They’ve issued a set of guidelines called the LPS Loss Prevention Standards, which are recognised by all major insurance companies. 

Depending of their resistance to sustained attack, roller shutters are graded from Level 2 (for commercial properties that are at lower risk of forced entry) through to Level 5 (for high-risk, sensitive properties). At the lower end, shutters must be able to withstand opportunistic attempts at forced entry using bodily force and a range of hand tools. At the higher end, roller shutters must be able to stand up to sustained attack for extended periods of time, using powerful battery-operated tools and grinding/cutting equipment. 

Taking all factors into account, we can advise which of our products offers the level of protection your business needs.

Choosing the right roller shutters for your business

Roller shutters are a proven crime deterrent, as they create a physical and visual barrier that screens the contents of a building from view. Because a certain level of planning is involved in attempting to penetrate roller shutters, they can significantly lower the risk of opportunistic theft.  

Every business is different, with their own specific needs in terms of safety measures such as roller shutters. Similarly, different insurance providers may set out different requirements based on the location and nature of your business. If you are uncertain, we can also advise on the right roller shutters for your premises. Certain roller shutters offer increased fire resistance and help to prevent fire from spreading too quickly, which can not only provide peace of mind but potentially reduce your insurance premium also.   

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