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5 Common Myths About Roller Shutter Doors, Busted

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A roller shutter door is made up of a series of horizontal slats that are mounted on a track system. When the door is opened, the slats roll up or down around a barrel, which is usually located above the door opening.

Roller shutter doors are known for their space-saving design. They're a common sight in garages, warehouses, shops, factories, and other buildings where security, ease of operation, and space efficiency are important considerations.

Although roller shutter doors have been around for centuries, there are still a few misconceptions that hold people back from investing in them.

Quay Facilities are the leading roller door specialists in London, Kent, and the South. Below, we debunk some of the most common myths surrounding roller shutter doors.

Myth 1: Roller shutter doors aren't secure

Roller shutter doors are designed with individual slats that interlock to form a complete door. Some people worry that this design makes them less secure than traditional folding doors.

In reality, the opposite is true. The slats themselves are crafted from durable materials like steel or aluminium, making them strongly resistant to damage. When the door is closed and the slats interlock, they create a rock-solid defence that stops intruders in their tracks.

On top of this, modern roller shutter doors are equipped with advanced locking systems, reinforced slats, and additional security features. These measures are specifically designed to fortify the door's resistance against any attempts of forced entry.

Myth 2: Roller shutter doors are unreliable

Roller shutter doors have more complex designs than other door types, which makes some people think they're more prone to faults – they worry the slats could get trapped in the cassette, or the whole door could jam and refuse to open or close.

Luckily, roller shutter doors have come a long way in terms of their reliability. Modern roller shutter doors have been designed with sturdier tracks and rollers, so operating them is much smoother. This makes jams and breakdowns far less likely.

Myth 3: Roller shutter doors aren't aesthetically pleasing

Not all roller doors were built the same! Although some do have a plainer look, there are plenty more options out there.

Roller shutter doors come in a variety of styles and designs, and can be customised with various colours, patterns, and materials. This allows them to blend seamlessly with the overall appearance of a building. From sleek, ultra-modern designs to more classic options, they offer endless versatility.

Myth 4: Roller shutter doors are difficult to operate

Don't be put off by all the moving parts – roller shutter doors are designed for ease of operation. They're equipped with mechanisms that make opening and closing them effortless, so you can get them in the right position without hassle.

Modern roller shutter doors often feature automated electric motors that allow you to operate them with just a push of a button. This automation eliminates the need for manual lifting or exertion. With the convenience of a remote control or wall-mounted switch, you can easily control the movement of the door.

Even manual roller shutter doors, which require physical effort to operate, are designed to be user-friendly. They often incorporate spring assistance or counterbalance mechanisms, reducing the amount of force needed to open and close the door. This makes the process smooth and manageable for most people.

Myth 5: Roller shutter doors need a lot of maintenance

With so many individual parts, roller shutter doors must need a lot of maintenance to stay working their best... right?

You'd be surprised. Roller shutter doors are actually very robust and should you keep up with the required routine servicing can be hassle free for many years to come – all you need to do is call us in to complete the routine service and we take care of the rest.

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