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All retail establishments, regardless of what they sell, share the need for excellent security in order to protect stock against vandalism and theft. We help keep shops in London and the Kent protected with our range of roller shutters, smoke & fire curtains, windows, doors, and 24-hour emergency roller shutter repair service.

Whatever the security requirement of your shop or store, we have you covered. Whether you require roller shutter installation, repair or maintenance, or any other service listed below, contact us on 0208 2266 247 today!


Ensuring your security 24 hours a day

We know that excellent security is of the utmost importance to your establishment. Thieves and vandals don’t rest, which is why we offer our repair and installation service in London and the South 24 hours a day, every day of the year to ensure that your business or premises remain protected at all times.

Whether you require new secure windows and doors for your office, a roller shutter repair for your store, or smoke and fire curtains for your factory, we have you covered. Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your security concerns and requirements!


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What services can we supply for the retail sector?

We have a range of security and fire safety products and services that we can provide for the retail sector in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex:

Our services for the retail sector include:  

Ensure that your store is not left vulnerable for a moment with our 24-hour emergency roller shutter repair service. Ignoring a defect could be the moment an opportunist decides to take advantage, potentially costing you thousands. Don't give them the chance and contact us for repairs and maintenance on doors, windows, shutters, grilles and more. Call 0208 2266 247.

Do you provide fire protection services for the retail sector?

Not only do we have your security covered but also your fire safety as well. Protecting your staff and customers from fire and smoke hazards is just as important as protecting your stock, which is why we can install, repair and maintain smoke and fire curtains at your store. These minimise the spread of fire throughout your establishment and help prevent smoke inhalation, saving lives in the process.

You have an obligation to your staff and customers to help ensure their utmost safety in the case of a fire. For more information about our smoke and fire curtains for the retail sector, get in touch on 0208 2266 247.

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